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Its recommended to use this utility when your computer shows various boot errors. The check disk utility can be run if you need a fix for the following errors. How to Run a Program as Administrator in Windows 8 and 8. Information If a program that you are trying to run is giving you a Access Den. How to run msi with Run as administratorHelp needed in running a windows application on VistaWin. Issue. 1 I have created an MSI for the windows application which will create few registry values depending on the selections done by the user while installing the application. The Issue is when I run the MSI in Server. XP machines it is creating the registries perfectly but when the same MSI was ran in VistaWin. Hope this is an issue with the security in Vista machines. Please kindly suggest me what can be done. Issue. 2 The windows application will create a log file into the location where the application has been installed by default application gets installed in the C program files folder. The Issue is when the application is run in Server. Download Gi Joe Dual Audio 1080P Movies. XP machines the log file is getting created, but when the same was ran under the Vista machine then it is throwing an exception that access to the path c Program Files. I also tried I am member of Admin gruop and  I ran the command prompt with Run as administrator and then from there I have pointed to the MSI and ran it, but still it is not creating the values in the registries. On my computer, I have two admin accounts. The default admin account named Administrator, and a new admin account named testadmin. If I run the following commands. Im currently running Vista and I would like to manually complete the same operations as my Windows Service. Since the Windows Service is running under the Local. Help needed in running a windows application on VistaWin7 machine. Issue1 I have created an MSI for the windows application which will create few registry values. When using command prompt or command shell in Windows Vista, the following error message may occasionally happens The requested operation requires elevation. Or. Please suggest me some work around for the above issue.